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Available Courses

  • Internship Mentor orientation is required for all NJ administrators who wish to have NJ EXCEL Candidates assigned to them in the coming year.

    This on-line version of the Mentor orientation is offered as an option for mentors who wish to be certified but who find it inconvenient to travel to the FEA Conference Center for the in-person orientation.

  • NJ-L2L Mentor Re-certification Training is required annually for all NJ-L2L mentors who wish to remain active mentors and who wish to have new residents assigned to them in the coming year
  • NJ EXCEL Technology Orientation is a three credit hour course designed to familiarize the NJ EXCEL candidates with all of the program's technology requirements, including describing the 21 hour technology skills requirement, using the NJ EXCEL website, setting up an online portfolio for project assessment, communicating in a close social network, and using Atomic Learning to support independent learning.

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